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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You know it's cold when...

the butter (yes, real butter, not one-molecule-away-from-plastic margarine) doesn't soften, and the butter dish is a foot from the stove. We're supposed to have a little warming trend in the next few days. Today is supposed to be 27* and the next two days should be a balmy 31*. I know I said I wanted a proper winter, but I'm sort of missing Florida this morning!

I got word from Scott last night that his roommate's tumor was malignant. It looks like he will be the subject of arrow prayers for the long haul. He does have youth on his side; he's under 30, and he's a fighter. Scott says his spirits are up, which is great. Attitude makes a big difference.

I meant to get in here yesterday with Very Exciting News: Vicky finished her second math book of the year! I know, it doesn't sound like much, but it is a big deal for us. She hates math. Monday morning, bright and early, we'll begin Pre-Algebra. I thought we'd be starting it later, and I'd planned to stretch it into the summer, but with six months to go before the start of her Freshman year I don't think it will. We might move into Algebra, or we might just do a couple of reviews a week through the summer. I'd dread teaching in the summer if this wasn't my last year!



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