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Thursday, October 29, 2009

TV :^(

Dear TV People,

I realize lots of people like to watch sports on television. I also know that you know that not EVERYONE watches sports. For some of your viewers, the World Series is a big deal. So is NBA basketball. Do they have to both be in the same time slot? And don't most sports fans have ESPN anyway? Just saying.

Could we have Bones and Fringe back sometime soon? Pretty please?

Love and kisses



Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've successfully done NaNoWriMo several times, but I've decided to forego it this year. I'm trying to train myself to write regularly, and the mania of NaNo is not conducive to that. I put too much pressure on myself. Last year I stopped writing November 30 and didn't write again until April. That's not a good way to build a writing career. I'll still be writing in November, I may even break 50,000 words, but that's not the goal. Besides, this year I'll have a week when I may not get any work done at all. Chadwick is thinking about coming for a week to see us, and Alex will be home on break. That means somebody will be sleeping in my office, unless I drag the mattress into the guest room. Considering the Bowflex is in there, it might be better not to do that!

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