If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Writing again

You'll remember from my last post that I finally caved and let Eric install a wireless card on my laptop. I was against it for several years, mainly because I didn't want the internet connection to distract me while I'm writing. Also I didn't want the hassel of the extra maintenance--filters and virus protection and firewalls; why bother?

In talking with Eric recently, I realized that my writing productivity is down because the laptop lives upstairs. To increase productivity, I needed to be able to write upstairs or downstairs. There are lots of times when I'm teaching and doing laundry and other chores that I can sneak in a few minutes on the computer, and it makes more sense to write a scene than to check my e-mail for the millionth time.

Multi-floor writing could have been accomplished in several ways. I could have saved the current copy to a thumb drive, which would hang around my neck or go into my pocket (where it would be in peril of getting washed.) I could have moved the computer downstairs in the morning and taken it back up in the afternoon; it's a laptop, after all. That, of course, would have meant bringing the power cord and wireless keyboard. That'll happen.

The only other option that we could think of was to bite the bullet and connect to the internet. That allows me to e-mail current copies of the manuscript to myself, along with current word count for my spreadsheet. (That us useful for back-up purposes, too.)

It's only been a couple of days, but yesterday I wrote almost 2,300 words. Today, I decided to get some words in while the laundry was doing its thing, and I'm at 550 already today without even trying. Early indications are that going wireless was a good idea, but time will tell whether I was right about the distraction. Although, really, if I'm going to get distracted anyway, research on the internet is a better use of time than a few mindless games of Freecell.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fruits of our labor

I posted the other day that we had some projects planned for the weekend. The extra day off netted us the following:

- New end tables, nightstands and coat tree put into place
- Old end tables and nightstands moved/repurposed
- One new computer workstation purchased, assembled, and put into place with a minimum of swearing and snarling
- One folding table removed from the office
- One old workstation moved to the other side of the room (where the table used to be, when it was being used as a desk for the Dragons Roost server)
- Foyer, hallway, and one wall of the office painted (also with a minimum of swearing and snarling)
- One wireless card installed in my laptop and updates attempted (more swearing and snarling for this one, but no sweating. Is that an improvement?)
- Lengthy discussion about building storage for both sides of the fireplace and a raised plant bed for the back yard, to be done when we have forgotten what a pain yesterday was

I was more than half-way through the painting when I thought of taking before pictures. If that's not the story of my life, I don't know what is! After photos, however, will be up sometime after I finish cleaning up the debris. I don't want anyone seeing my house the way it is right now! It does look a lot better, though, clutter and debris not withstanding. Motrin will take care of the sore muscles and I'll forget the pain in no time!


Oh, bliss!

I had my annual check-up this morning and got a surprise! For my 19th wedding anniversary, later this month, I get to have my first mammogram!

I'm just so excited! I thought I was going to get it for my birthday, in November, but they had an opening the day before our anniversary, and they said I was close enough to 40 that I don't have to wait unless I want to. Heck no! Let the squishing commence! I'm sure the girls will have resumed their usual shape by the next day.

Hey, if you can't find a silver lining, make one.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Busy weekend

I just realized I haven't checked in for a few days. We're busy with the house this weekend. We were supposed to be writing since Scott was supposed to be here. He's not, so we're painting and upgrading furniture. A local unfinished wood store is having a big sale this weekend, so we went to check it out and came home with two night stands, two end tables, and a coat tree. We're going to shop a little tomorrow for a computer station and storage cabinet to replace the table that the server is currently occupying. Such excitement!

Walter didn't let me down. I had three other kids besides mine sign up for my class. The director has assured me that I may have a few more between now and the 15th, when we start. I'll know, next year, not to schedule during 4th hour if I want a bigger turn-out. I didn't know it was a hard hour to fill. It's all right; if I have a total of four it gives me a smaller group with which to work out the bugs. I met the mom of one of my future students at the teacher meeting and she said her son is very excited and can't wait to start. I'm quite looking forward to it myself.

Time to go tape off more trim. Miles to go before I sleep.

Happy Labor Day to all of you in the U.S.! (Labor indeed!)