If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Or not...

I thought I was prepared to get a lot of work done, but the e-reader didn't charge nearly as much as I thought it did. I got Lesson 5 read before it died. If I had read it before I left home, or even before I went (futilely) in search of printer ink, I would have known that Lesson 5 needs a notebook. That's the only thing I didn't have with me.

For a change, I spent 45 minutes reading a magazine.


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A little thing that simplified my life

I'm cramming on "How To Revise Your Novel." Yesterday I applied three lessons to the part of "Still Gracie Mac" that I'm submitting for a contest this month. Tonight I'll have nearly two hours to sit in a waiting room, and I was thinking about how convenient it would be if I could put the lessons on my e-reader rather that printing them to do away from my computer. I wasn't sure if I could put them on, but I tried it, and it worked! So now I just need to print the applicable worksheets and put them in my folder, and I'll actually be able to get something useful done while I'm waiting.

Between that, the sunshine, and my caffeine levels apparently high enough for upper brain function to work, it's a pretty darn good day.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 17: Still muzzy-headed

That pretty much says it all. I go through periods of clarity each day, but mostly I'm foggy. I lose track of my thoughts in the afternoon; it might be time to re-think the afternoon snack. A little protein might help, even if I'm not especially hungry.

One odd thing since I started my whole coffee detox is that I seem to want to front-load my eating. I wake up hungry, which is odd, and I eat three or four times before noon. Eric thinks it's funny and calls me a hobbit (first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies...). After noon I might nibble a little, and I eat less for dinner, which is probably why I'm waking up hungry.

OK, so I had something else I wanted to say, but I've deleted several rambling tangents. I think perhaps it's time to go get some tea and a snack. I still have a lot of work ahead. I keep thinking I picked the wrong time to give up coffee, but there isn't a right time. All I can do is deal with it and press on. And hope that someone, somewhere, will find my brain and send it home.