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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In The Zone

While I was camping I found myself with blocks of time with nothing that needed to be done and no place to go. I usually had something to read, and I had some sewing with me, but more often than not I’d pour a cup of coffee and just sit. For once, the plot bunnies kept their distance---maybe they were afraid I’d stick them in the stew pot. It was a good chance for my brain to reset. I came home feeling more relaxed than I have in months. I’m still not quite past it; my brain is a little fuzzy and I still catch myself grinning at nothing.

I hadn’t realized how much electronics distract me. I also realized that I multitask more often than not. If I’m reading something good, I’ll read while I cook dinner. The TV is often on while I’m doing laundry or cleaning the house. Even if I’m just watching a movie, relaxing at the end of the day, I usually have sewing or crocheting in my hands, or I’m playing free cell on the PDA. You know you multitask too much when you do two or more things for recreation!

I’m not one for meditation. I can only keep my mind clear for so long before my mental To Do list kicks in. I think I might need to work a some yoga classes into my schedule. I can’t think about cooking and grading school work and cleaning the bathroom if I’m concentrating on keeping my balance!

Speaking of camping, I dropped my film off for processing yesterday. I’ll pick up the photos Thursday and scan some in to get up here. Most of them were for personal reference—pictures of Dad’s sturdy boxes so Eric can see how the joints come together and things of that nature. I did get some of Dad and me, though, and some friends around camp. I’ll pick the interesting ones and get them up.

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