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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I just looked over the last couple of entries

I did indeed mail the manuscript on Tuesday. I solved a big chunk of the season hopping by changing the Spring Solstice to a harvest festival. After that, it was mostly mopping up. I was too close to see it at the time--I'd been working on the thing for about five hours at that point. I got most of the bugs worked out, but I'm still looking for one scene I accidentally deleted. I've searched two computers and three flash drives to no avail, so if Scott doesn't have it (and he should--he wrote it) I'll just re-write it. He's supposed to be here in a couple of weeks to hash out the rest.

Today I worked a couple of hours on character development for a new project. Tomorrow it's on to the Rogue Pawn edit. I still have to finish Collateral Casualties, too.

Other than that, we're plugging along. I've got one rain barrel installed and one left to go. I'm getting ready to start planting spring crops; potatoes and lettuce will go in next week. My tomato seedlings are still alive. The weather is finally warming up and I'm in the market for a good deal on a bike to ride to work. Gas is getting ridiculous, and work is only two miles away. The exercise surely won't hurt!

That's pretty much all the news that's fit to print. What's new where you are?

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Guerilla Marketing

A place I frequent a couple times a week has a paperback exchange, so the other day I dropped in a copy of 'The Dragon's Lady.' I don't think it was in there ten minutes when a young lady came in, picked it up, and said, "Hmm. That looks interesting."

I didn't say anything. It was hard, but I bit my tongue. I'm hoping to catch her reading it so I can get her opinion without her knowing I'm the author. Of course, if she finds the blog, the jig is up probably. Anyway, I'm on the look-out for a couple more paperback exchanges. I have a couple more copies I can part with.