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Monday, February 05, 2007

"Aged" picture

Why do I get the urge to blog on half a cup of coffee? And why does Dell Support have to pop up and interrupt my cursor when I start? My devices are fine; leave them alone, Dell.

Anyway, I've gotten tired of waiting for Eric to have a moment to help me edit these pictures. For some reason I've brain-dumped my usual procedure, and I didn't think to ask him about it while he was home. That's not true, exactly. He's still home now, but he's in bed with a migraine. He won't be much help. The plan is to post the one really crappy picture I did at least get cropped, and he'll read this and say, "Honey, why didn't you just ask me for help? I could have done this at work for you." Then he'll help me with the pictures and I'll post them later.

So here's me, in costume, under the fly of Dad's former tent. It was a 14' x 14' Marquis style (rather like a circus tent, with a center pole that holds the roof at a peak). He finally got tired of setting up the big tent (no pun intended) and sold it while we were there. He has two smaller wall tents so we can still camp together with my brood.

On a personal note, I was shocked at how big I look in this picture. Do y'all ever watch What Not To Wear? In at least half of the episodes, Clinton and Stacy have to convince people that wearing baggy clothes to hide fat makes you look fatter. It's true! This costume adds, like, 30 pounds! The moral of the story? The next two pieces I make will be the stays (early corset) and I new short gown (the jacket). The other moral of the story is never forget to take the digital camera ever, ever again! Maybe I'll save my pennies and buy my own to carry in my purse/haversack (18th C. purse)/pocket. After all, if I'm going to look fat curvy in costume, what's one more thing in my pocket? The petticoats (skirts) are full enough that it won't show anyway.

Any suggestions for a small digital with good resolution and not to many bells and whistles to confuse me?

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