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Saturday, January 17, 2009

On my way

I'm heading for the 18th century shortly. I have everything packed, even breakfast for tomorrow morning. My flight leaves at 6:20. Yes, a.m. Some of you are spewing your favorite beverage on your computer screens, aren't you? I'm so not a morning person but I have to be in Florida early in the day, so the early flight is a necessary evil.

I have the new camera we got for Christmas and will have photographic evidence for you in about ten days. Y'all behave while I'm away.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm all packed and ready to go except for last-minute stuff. Just one problem--I don't leave for three more days. It's so cold here I haven't told anyone where I'm going, just that I'll be out of town. I don't really want to get pummeled. ;-)

It always amazes me how much better mice work after you take out the little roller ball and scrape the cat fur off.

Alex only has one more semester of high school. We have one more campus to visit before he decides which university will be getting a small fortune from us over the next four years. BTW, if anyone out there is facing an empty nest, get "Give Them Wings" by Carol Kuykendall. Paco's mom recommended it, and Paco knows that I'm a worrier and a long-term planner, so he sent it to me. It's already helped a lot.

I think that's pretty much it around here. I'll pop back in before I leave just to say 'bye!


Monday, January 12, 2009

That time again

I'm getting ready for my annual pilgrimage. I'm heading to Florida this weekend to camp with my dad. I haven't gone into great detail here about the rendezvous, other than to post a few pictures, but the concept is based on the gatherings of fur trappers. Periodically, they would all meet in one place to socialize and resupply. Our modern version isn't so different, other than the lack of horse racing through camp and drunken duels. We meet periodically to socialize; resupplying is less of an issue. In fact, we try to leave camp with more or less the same amount of stuff we arrived with. It changes forms, that's all. We arrive with full coolers and leave with little or no food but other toys we've picked up along the way.

This rendezvous will be more traditional for me. We're looking at going to another rendezvous in the spring and Eric will need warmer clothes. My mission for this trip is to buy clothing or fabric and patterns to get him outfitted in something other than knee britches and shirts. Of course, when we showed him pictures, he liked the brocade waistcoats and frilled shirts more than the utilitarian clothes he has now. That's fine with me; I like them, too, but they'll be more of a challenge to my sewing skills! My favorite fabric supplier will be there again this year and I know she'll be happy to fix me up with whatever I need to make my husband into a dandy. :-) He usually cringes and asks me how much I spent at 96 District Storehouse; this year he gave me our Christmas money and told me to go see Peggy! This is going to be fun!