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Monday, January 29, 2007

Back without a sunburn

Gooooood vacation!

I got back last night. I'm newly relaxed and unscathed except for some stiffness from tearing down camp yesterday and one fire ant bite that I just found. I'll also be hacking out campfire smoke for a few days, but man was it fun! Since I was in period costume all week, the only physical evidence I have of my week in Florida is that my freckles are a little darker! I'm amazed I didn't get burned when I usually do at the summer rendezvous' but I guess that's because in the summer I sweat off my sun block. I did the whole week with SPF 25.

The weather started off very warm, turned cold, and then warmed back up quite pleasantly. One day was in the high 8o's, another might have touched 60 for a few minutes when the sun peeked through the clouds, and the rest were around 70. It rained a couple of nights, Saturday night being the least convenient, and again yesterday morning, but the wind picked up and the sun came out so our canvas was dry when we took the tent down. We were glad of that--wet canvas weighs a ton!

Dad made the comment the other day to a friend that he and I hadn't been out camping on our own since the Bicentennial. I guess I never thought about it that way, but we both agreed we maybe shouldn't wait 30 years to do it again! I'll have more detail later and hopefully some pictures this week. For now I have to assess the damage to last week's lesson plans. Back to the salt mine.

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Good to see you back!

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