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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Before pictures

I've been working on the upstairs, trying to get the loft cleared out enough to paint. We're relocating part of the library to the guest room and have sorted paperbacks for alphabetizing. The goal is to have the loft painted and books squared away by the end of February. (Yes, 2007.) Forgive the brightness of the pictures; we have a lot of ambient light in these rooms.

This is the loft, missing some of the bookcases. That bright blob on the right is one of the two south-facing windows in our house.

Paperbacks, A-R. The basket on the floor to the left is full of B's.

T-Z. Note that all of the paperbacks are at least double shelved; tripled in most cases. I bought more shelves to put in the bookcases, but we might need more bookcases. Or fewer books. The good news is that I haven't weeded out duplicates yet. Miles to go before I sleep...



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