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Friday, May 12, 2006

Just as I suspected

In April, we had near record highs. The whole month was beautiful and warm, and we topped 80* by the middle of the month.

Now it's May, and the highest temp I'm seeing on the fifteen day forecast is 73*. We've had over an inch of rain in two days. It's fine; I'm not complaining. Better 73* than 93*, and when it rains I don't have to drag sprinklers around the house at regular intervals. It just confirms what I suspected; April and May switched places.

I'm glad, actually. I'm more inclined to get out and walk when it's cooler. This buys me some time to get ready for summer, and it lets me wear my winter clothes a little longer. The only casuality might be the cute skirt and top I bought for confirmation, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing work around.


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