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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bluegrass weekend

I won't be home much this weekend. I'm rehearsing this morning with Dudley's Rush, and then I go straight to work.

Tomorrow we're playing in church in the morning, and then we have a gig in the afternoon. The local Barbershop quartet group is doing their annual concert with other Barbershop quartets; I haven't been to one before, but I'm guessing that all the groups in driving distance come and do a set. They decided this year they wanted a Bluegrass set so they invited Dudley's Rush. It's kind of cool to be asked specifically.

My only dilemma is that the uniform for tomorrow is jeans and black shirts. (That was the first time I've had a pastor tell me to wear jeans to church!) Sounds easy enough, right? It would be, except that I have two pairs of jeans. One is a light wash, and the other is a dark wash with a bleach stain from work on the left thigh. As of last night, I had two more pounds before I can go shopping. So I get to go through the closet, and either make something magical happen, or go shopping early, which will have to be late this afternoon or this evening. I'm all for shopping, but I'm also all for spending some time at home with the family!

Decisions, decisions...


Anonymous Liadze Nebbia said...

Hi EJ,
I play Alto Sax and guitar in my church band weekly. Our worship pastor, Joe, really likes to convert the songs into Bluegrass. I find it funny actually, it's like he has his own specific style of playing it. The greatest thing is that since it's an Alliance church he's allowed to do that without too much conservative backlash :-P By the way, I hope you find the right pair of jeans to go to church...HE will have made it happen for you ;-) Especially since it's probably the only time that anyone will ASK you to wear jeans to church ha ha. I had fun reading about your life friend.
God bless,

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Liadze Nebbia said...

I just realized my blog is not public...Here's a link to my life :-P

9:55 AM  

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