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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Coffee, tea, or both?

When I got up this morning, Eric wasn't home. He'd started the dishwasher, fed the cats and gone on an errand, but he turned on the computer and left (what I thought was) a cup of coffee on the desk. I'd already poured a cup, so I took the one he'd poured and added it to the insulated carafe for later.

He came home a while later, and while we were getting ready to have breakfast he started muttering about having lost his tea. Then he found his cup - empty - next to the carafe.

Turns out I'd poured Earl Grey into my hazelnut half-caff!

I have to say, it's really not bad. Surprisingly, the Earl Grey very nearly overpowered the coffee, and I had one cup of tea in two cups of coffee. Yum, hazelnut with a hint of lemon. Drinkable, but not preferable. I made fresh for the afternoon.


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