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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fun with ringtones

My cell phone is as basic as they come. I don't have Internet or Blue Tooth or even a fancy case. It's, well, utilitarian and practical. It also has the lamest ringtones on the planet. With few exceptions, they're either boring or annoying. However, since I don't have any sort of internet access to it, I didn't think I could change them.

Until I found the Record option.

I decided to take some goof off time, in honor of Mother's Day, you understand. I discovered, after a little experimentation, that if I hold the phone next to the computer speakers and turn up the music it records pretty well. I now have a little Pink Floyd, Mozart, and the Numa Numa song, as well as a custom played walking bass line. I'm nothing if not eclectic.

That's just the beginning. I have songs in mind for several friends and family members. I plan to add to them in the near future, but for now I'm going to live with what I have. I want to make sure I can hear them, you understand, because even at max volume they're not as loud as the generic ones. If I don't miss too many calls, I'll play more.

Yes, it's pitiful that this is the extend of my geekdom. Just smile and nod.


Blogger Jean said...

Good for you! I took the plunge and downloaded a couple from Cingular -- and that was wild living for me. I had a standard phone ring for hubby's calls and the default Tai Fighter that came with my Star Wars version of the phone I bought last year.

In my wild departure from boringness, I downloaded "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" for hubby's calls and the "Pink Panther Theme" for all others.

The challenge was finding songs I wouldn't mind hearing repeatedly in all kinds of environments.

Using your method, you have much more flexibility -- and it's a whole lot cheaper. Have fun!

4:45 PM  

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