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Friday, January 05, 2007

"Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas"

I was at the library yesterday, wandering through the fiction, and discovered James Patterson's "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas." I took it into the doctor's office when I went for my post-op check-up, and finished it early last night. It's unusual for me to read a book in an afternoon, but the story pulled me along. Also there was a lot of white space, which sped things up considerably!

I really enjoyed the story. It should be a movie. (It would be a chick flick, of course; there were no explosions, no murders, no hidden treasure to race for.) I could feel Katie's heartbreak, Suzanne's hope and joy for her future. There were a few twists that had me flipping back pages to make sure I'd read it all right. All in all, it was a fine way to pass the time. I was almost disappointed when the doctor came into the exam room and I had to put it down! This is a great beach/plane/train story.

Disclaimer: I have not nor will I receive any form of compensation for the content of this post. My reward is being about to express one of my many my opinions freely for consumers to accept or reject as they see fit. Thanks, PBW, for letting me know I had to tell the FTC about non-payment. Perhaps I should contact the IRS, too?



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