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Saturday, December 02, 2006

*Cue Carol Kane* Li--aarrrrr!

I don't know why I'm surprised by this weather. Two days ago, our weather dudes said, "Rain and wind, changing to ice, and than 4-6" of snow in the Metro East." That's us--Metro East. We got the rain and wind, and it did indeed change to ice. Snow? 1/2" if we're lucky. There wasn't enough to justify dragging out the brand-new snow shovel from last year. It didn't even cover the whole street.

I know weather prediction is an inexact science at best. I know it's further complicated by our close proximity to the Mississippi. I know that a shift in the wind can change outcome entirely.

I still want the 4-6" of snow.

Then again, I'm probably the only person over 30 who does want it. As of the 6:00 news yesterday there were still a half-million people without power. This is not a good time to be without heat. High today is supposed to be about 35*, and tomorrow is supposed to be about 25*. Time to count my blessings and pray for those waiting to get power back.



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