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Monday, November 27, 2006

Cheap labor

I have re-written this post three times. It's too cumbersome without visuals.

The living room before

We bought these bookcases the year after we married. You can just see the paperbacks on the left, but you can't see that they're shelved three deep. We had these bookcases upstairs because that's where we wanted our library. It's hard to find books when they're shelved three deep.

Scott and Chad were kind enough to bring the two on the right downstairs for me, and the little ones by the fireplace went upstairs. Since I agreed to feed them for the whole weekend, they seemed happy to help. At least they didn't complain when I was in earshot, and we did give them unlimited use of the hot tub.

This is the living room as of yesterday. The original plan was to have built-in bookcases put in, but we had the monstrosities upstairs. The third is still up there, but it will hold hard-covers and photo albums, not to mention the vinyl albums we still have.

Sorry, there is no 'after' picture of the loft yet. It would break the camera. While it does look better, it's not habitable yet.

I'm happy with the way it came out. Now I just have to tackle the other rooms! I think, if/when we decide to move again, that I need to take pictures of all our furniture, and pictures of the rooms in our new house. I can print them all out, cut them up, and 'place' the furniture to see where I want each piece before the movers come. Then again, they had to have been easier to take down the stairs than up.



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