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Monday, November 20, 2006

Plot kitties with damp feet*

Book 2 is percolating nicely. I have condensed the plot as we know it into a Word document, arranged by character rather than generic plot points. That allowed me to see how the plot points affect the characters involved. I got the idea from the trial version of WriteItNow, recommended by Holly last week. I bought the program but hadn't gotten the unlock key, hence could not save it, so I did it in Word and shot it out to Scott, who I'm sure will forget to read it until he gets here.

I've also had some ideas to add depth and interest. The latest was triggered by reading the word 'symbol' in a blog while *Ryan was playing in his water dish. We have a water fountain, and he likes to stick his paw in the 'waterfall', and then come sit on my lap and snuggle. Yes, sometimes I'm a walking towel. In any case, the reading of the word while hearing Ryan splash was enough to bring the idea out of the just-barely-caffeinated recesses of pink matter. I translated it into a reasonably coherent e-mail and shot it out to Scott. I'm sure, sometime tomorrow, I'll get a reply that says something like, "Looks good" or "Works." And he wonders why I get irritated with him. Bachelors.

Goal for today: Finish the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, and post "Vengeance of Pachacuti" on Dragons Roost.



Anonymous Danny Ing said...

The Lord like to work in mysterious ways to bring divine inspiration to brave, battle-weary writers who are lock in mortal combat with their fearsome monster that is their story manscript. Naturally, divine inspiration always come from the most unlikely person, animal and thing unimaginable to the writer. But the Lord's divine inspiration is always profound and simple. Good Hunting, EJ.

2:56 PM  

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