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Friday, April 07, 2006

Home a little early

The Rendezvous was memorable. I saw some of my dad's old buddies, some of whom haven't seen me since I was a teen, and here I showed up with my teen! I have pictures, but I haven't downloaded them yet.

I can tell you something for certain. You do not want to be in a tent when there is a tornado anywhere nearby. Trust me. It's very scary. You may have seen on the news that the Nashville area had tornadoes last Sunday night. It's true; we were camped less than an hour east and a little north, and if it had not been for the battalion of guardian angels watching over us, it could have been very bad. As it was, some people had their tents shredded. Our dining flies went down, which loosened a couple of ropes and caused one corner of our tent to cave in (narrowly missing Vicky and the night candle), but we didn't have any damage at all. We were scared. That's all. I was so glad to be camping with Dad and Linda; we went to their tent after the tornado went past to ride out the rest. Incredible blessings.

So now I have 21st Century stuff to take care of. More stories and pictures later this weekend.


Blogger Jean said...

We spent the night in Sweetwater, TN, and it seems as if tornadoes and foul weather was all around us. We both must have had excellent guardian angels.

Glad you're OK. That was some very nasty stuff. Welcome home.

10:19 PM  

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