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Friday, March 31, 2006


Insanity has ruled the roost lately, but it's for a good cause. Vicky and I leave tomorrow morning for Rendezvous. Yep, just us girls. It's the week before Spring Break for Alex, and Eric is saving vacation time for July. It's not nearly as far as the last one we went to, and I'll be able to drive it in a few hours. It's a good thing, too. I really need to unplug for a while.

I still have tons of stuff to get done, but Mom is here and she's going to help me. They're on their way back from Corpus Christi and will pull out tomorrow, too.

I probably won't get back in here before I leave, but I'll tell Eric if anything funny happens to get in here and blog it. It should be interesting, having just the boys here to hold down the fort!

Back on the 8th (or maybe the 9th) with stories.


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