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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sewing and creeping crud

Life around here is usually busy. We have lots of different things going on in any given week, but they tend to gravitate to certain days, which gives me spaces of free time for fun things like dishes and laundry and mopping. Oh, yeah, and writing.

Not so this week. One of our good Rendezvous friends came for a couple of days to help make warmer clothes for Vicky and me. (We leave a week from tomorrow for the next National Rendezvous in TN. Note to me: start a list of things to do between now and then.) I've been watching the extended forecast, and so far as I can tell it's going to be colder in April in TN than it was in August in upper MI. (Duh.) Between the three of us and another friend from the neighborhood, we managed to get a lot done, but I still have hemming and such to do.

Rendezvous Friend left Wednesday, and that was the morning I woke up feeling puny. I knew it was a cold, even though congestion was minimal. Really, if you're going to get a spring cold, this is the one to get. If I can nap at will, I feel fine. (Mostly.) I have enough sinus crud that my voice is shot, so nobody thinks anything of it if I don't talk much, and singing is out of the question so I have a reason to skip rehearsals. It helps to invoke the "You don't want me near your baby" clause, too!

The downside is that I get cranky if I can't nap at will. Today I can't nap at will. We have the classes with the County group, which are low maintenance for me, but I still have to be awake and alert enough to drive. My main concern is whether I can balance my coffee intake to remain caffeinated enough to avoid a coma without drinking so much that I get indigestion. I'm fairly certain that normal people don't have issues like this. If there are any normal people reading this, could you leave me a comment and tell me if I'm right?


Blogger Jean said...

Define "normal." You sound normal to me.

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