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Monday, March 27, 2006

Good intentions

I read a variety of blogs almost every day, and one of my regulars is Talkin' Story, written by a Marine wife in Hawaii. Her oldest child is college-bound soon, and she posted a week or two (or three?) ago about filling out college financial aid paperwork. Apparently there was a form she needed, but it wasn't on the college website and nobody knew what it was, but they knew she needed it. She even called the admissions office, which I'm sure was not a cheap call.

I guess I must be through the worst of my cold because I woke up this morning and thought, "Why didn't Barb google the form number?" I've had success with that, but the forms I was googling were specific to government agencies. Still, in my travels through the blogosphere, I decided to give it a try. (Hey, we military wives have to stick together.) I had these visions of being able to leave, "Hey, Barb, did you find the form?" with a link in her comments. Insert surprise, gratitude, the aria from Madame Butterfly, etc.

When I found the form number in her blog, I knew it was more complicated than that. It was just Form 1271/B. No DOD. No AF. No anything. I googled it anyway, and the first search result took me straight back to Talkin' Story!

There was nothing else useful in the search result. Barb, if you're reading this, I tried to help, and I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Oh, um, did you find the form?


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