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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oreo puck

I hit a prickly spot in the 'Sword & Scabbard' edit late this afternoon. The chapters weren't flowing right, so I changed the order, but it still wasn't right. (Thank goodness for Write It Now; moving chapters in Word is a pain in the butt.) When I went downstairs to start dinner, I thought of the solution. Sometimes it really helps to step away for a while.

After dinner I headed back to the salt mine with a mug of ice coffee and a couple of Oreo cookies. I put them on the table beside me and got back to work. Chloe heard me come back upstairs and naturally thought I'd come to pay attention to her. Poor thing--she got a little scritchy and nothing more, so of course she decided to investigate everything nearby. I was on a really good roll when I felt her bunch up against my side. Before I could turn to see what she was doing, she gave one of my cookies a good whack and sent it half-way across the room. She was heading after it when I fussed at her. I found her something else to play with, but for now she's opted to sit across the room and watch me. Goofy cat.

I do have to say that although this edit is threatening to consume my entire life, it feels good to be writing again. Alex goes to school in 11 days and has made me promise to turn his room into an office. The goal is to have this done by then so I'm not taking old baggage into my new space.

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