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Monday, July 06, 2009

Back to normal? Not quite yet.

The Boys all left yesterday morning, and three of the four made it home safely. We haven't heard from Danny yet, mostly because he's on an overseas flight. Instead of everything settling in for an extended period of nothingness (or boring, according to Alex), I have another full week. Today we're supposed to be having the roof fixed, but it's 8:00 and so far there are no roofers here. It was damaged in the hail storm a few weeks ago, and while I was at work the other day a crew showed up to stack packages of shingles on top of my roof. I should perhaps to go take a picture before they come. Anyway, I have laundry and shopping to do while they work (assuming they show up today). Tomorrow I have a field trip with the girls from work. We're going to tour the plant where our coffee is packaged. Wednesday I'm working. Thursday morning, bright and way too early, I get to drive to Western IL University with Alex for orientation. He'll do some placement testing and get his class schedule set up, and apparently I get to do parent seminars or something. The paperwork has been pretty vague. That will be an overnight trip, and no, I'm not staying in the dorm. Alex is; I've got a hotel room booked. We'll be back Friday evening, and Saturday I have to go to the farmers market since I didn't make it last Saturday. It was pouring rain and there wasn't anything I could think of that I absolutely needed.

The point of all this minutiae is that July is fairly busy this year. The good news is the only excitement booked for August is taking Alex to school at the end of the month and the subsequent remodel of his room for my office (with his blessing). When I was a kid, I thought that once I was out of school, summers would seem longer, but they're not. They're flying by as fast as they always have.



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