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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Alex and I got up early Thursday morning and hit the road for the University Orientation at 7 a.m. About half way I stopped for gas, and my debit card was rejected at the pump. When I went inside to pre-pay, it was rejected inside, too. Luckily I still had my credit card in my wallet; I thought I taken it out when we paid it off. When we got to the school I called Eric to let him know we'd gotten here and he asked me about a strange transaction he'd seen in our bank account. He drives me crazy checking account activity; sometimes he calls me when I'm on my way home from shopping to ask me about a purchase I've just made. It paid off this time, though. My card was rejected because someone apparently cloned it and withdrew $300 from an ATM in England. I spent a grand total of fifteen minutes on the phone with the bank, reporting the fraud, having my debit card deactivated, and getting a new PIN for my credit card so I could get cash out. The fraud has already been confirmed and the money credited back to our account. The bank's phone number is now stored in my cell phone. The moral of the story, kids, is to keep a close eye on bank accounts and keep relevant phone and credit card numbers handy. There are no depths to human greed or ingenuity.

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Blogger Jean said...

I'm glad it worked out as well as it did.

Have a great orientation.

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