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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Breathing space

The reader manuscripts are all out. My first sewing deadline has passed. My schedule finally has some flexibility, for a little while at least. The kids start summer school on Tuesday, so I'll have a couple hours of quiet time a day.

I went to the Spring Rendezvous at Fort de Chartres today. It's about an hour from here, and my favorite fabric supplier was there. I got her critique on the Empire dress I made, bought some fabric, and checked trade blankets. I didn't find anything else (I did a lot better at the Fall Rendezvous last year) but at least I got to visit with some folks. I've been back into rendezvousing for three years now, and I'm finally running into people I know. Really, though, there are no strangers at a rendezvous--just friends you haven't met yet. That's one reason I love it.

Projects for the near future:

Assess what we'll need for the rendezvous in July and start sewing. (If the rest of the family doesn't need anything, I'll just have my second dress and one jacket to make. I'll be out there ten days this time.)
Edit Rogue Pawn before the Boys come for the 4th of July
Finish my current herb class
Work in the garden. We finally have lettuce!

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