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Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Prince Caspian" and un-Forced Family Fun

We have a very busy weekend. I won't go into the gory details; I'll just say that wedging in a movie this weekend would be too difficult to contemplate. Naturally, it's opening weekend for the only movie I've really wanted to see in months. Next weekend isn't any better. The solution was easier than I thought. We all rushed straight home yesterday and had plenty of time for a 3:30 showing of "Prince Caspian."

It's rare for all of us to really enjoy something. Usually, family outings equate to Forced Family Fun. It's part of life for teenagers, I think. "Prince Caspian" was one of those rare events when all of us were enthralled for more than two hours. I loved the humanity of the characters, that they got angry and disappointed, but that they still pulled together against a common enemy. Really good movie. I hope they do more Narnia movies.



Blogger Jean said...

Unforced Family Fun. With teenagers. I believe that's verifiable as a miracle.

Glad you all enjoyed it and found a way to fit it in.

8:53 PM  

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