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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post-Christmas Bender*

I've been feeling puny the last couple of days. Not sick, precisely; just tired, like someone has been spiking my coffee with Benadryl. That's usually a sign of things to come, so I've been dosing up on Airborne and feverfew (just in case it's pre-migraine stoopid). It's been an excellent opportunity to get a little reading in.

It's all my friend's fault. She borrowed my copy of "The Quickie" and returned it last week. I decided to read it again Wednesday before shelving it and finished it Thursday. Then my boss loaned me "Don't Look Down" yesterday, and since I do love Jenny Cruisie, I read it cover to cover last night. So much for going to bed early. This morning I grabbed another Jenny Cruisie novel at random from my book shelf and wound up with "What The Lady Wants," which I finished in no time flat while Eric and the kids were out spending their Christmas gift cards. Actually, I was a couple chapters from the end when the came home and Eric handed me "Keepers Of The Flame," which isn't actually due out next month, so it was a real surprise! I might be able to make that one last until tomorrow. Whether or not I'll get to church is anyone's guess at this point. What I'll read next is also anyone's guess. It's not like I have a shortage of books. Hmm, we have the Xanth series upstairs. I haven't read those in years...

Ooh, dinner's ready! I guess I'll go eat with my family before I resume my bender.

*Book benders are the best kind, IMHO. No hangovers.

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