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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Baby steps

I decided the cleaning and decorating fairies weren't going to make an appearance here, so I've been doing some at a time. Yesterday before work I dragged the box with my creche pieces downstairs, and today I cleared and dusted the mantle and set it up. I also got the book shelves straightened back up and cleared a space for the Christmas tree. I delegated the vacuuming to Alex, and Eric dragged the tree downstairs and set it up this evening. Tomorrow I'll bring the decorations downstairs, add some lights to the tree, and let the kids put on decorations. With the tree up and squared away, I can start wrapping presents and get them out of my way. I have to remember to leave some space in between the gifts; Tess spent a lot of time sleeping under the tree last year. I guess she thought she was God's gift to us! That's my diva.

I've made a dent in my shopping, too. I mostly have Eric and the kids left, maybe one or two not-strictly-family gifts. The budget is even holding up.

The snow changed pretty quickly to freezing rain, and it's mostly moved out of here. It might be icy tomorrow, but that's about it for now. I figured out last night that we're about sixty to ninety miles too far south for a proper winter. Such a drag, but good to know for future reference. At this point I think we need to move closer to a Great Lake. I always pout when people talk about lake effect snow!

Time for me to go curl up in bed and see if I can catch a weather report.

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Blogger Valerie Comer said...

Good for you getting those baby steps applied to your decorating.

Hm. If I take baby steps I won't be ready til NEXT year!

12:39 PM  

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