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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Checking in

Once upon a time, long ago (about twelve years ago), I tried to supplement our income by doing home lingerie parties. I wasn't terribly good at it, but it put food on the table when we needed. The company encouraged our significant others to attend meetings with us and referred to them as MSP's (Most Supportive Person). I left the company, but not my MSP. Eric was out of town last week and read the blog entry about my stiff wrists. Heat and Motrin have taken care of my pain, but he ordered Dragon NaturallySpeaking for me. It came in today and I got an early Christmas present. It's WAY better than the version I used years ago. It's even better because he surprised me with it. :-)

The first wave of company has come and gone, along with about four inches of snow. The roads were bad enough that we skipped church on Sunday, but they were clear enough for school Monday, to my children's chagrin.

Wave two arrives tomorrow, just in time for the pre-Christmas Eve rush, and just after the Annual Birthday Shopping Trip. Vicky is 15 tomorrow; I have no idea ow she's gotten so old so quickly! Thursday night is our hand bell concert, and we have a special performance of our cantata on Sunday.

I downloaded another e-book from Holly Lisle's on-line--How To Find Your Writing Discipline. This is totally not the time to be doing this clinic. With Mom in town tomorrow I won't have time to do anything, but I had some free time last night and decided to look it over. I'm doing step one today; steps two and three will have to keep until after Christmas. So far it's been very enlightening.

I'll be scarce for the next week or so. If I'm not back before Christmas, enjoy your holiday.



Blogger Valerie Comer said...

Merry Christmas, EJ!

12:24 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

What a wonderful "MSP."

I came back from vacation to a special offer for DNS in my inbox. I'm thinking about getting it.

6:31 PM  

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