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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New boots!

Last spring, I was at the garden, and had discovered that someone had left the soaker hoses on. It was a mucky mess and in the process of trying to get weeds out, the sole of one of my favorite boots came loose. I was pretty well crushed; they were brown leather Double H lacers, about as multipurpose as you can get and still look cool. I took them to Mom's when I went a couple weekends ago and showed them to Dad and my brother, both of whom do leather work. As I'd feared, there was nothing to be done. I did buy new hiking boots before we went to Kentucky last summer, but my Double H's were my rendezvous boots.

I came home and set about trying to find another pair of Double H's. Of course, our western store closed, so I went online. I found Double H's, but then I found these. I'd never heard of Oak Tree Farms before, but they caught my attention with their 1800's Frontier and Wedding Boots collection. Oooh, pretty!

Costume-wise, they're a few decades later than they should be, but they're a lot closer than my lacers were. The lacers had the basic style right, but with rubber soles. We don't have period nazis in camp, though, and when it was cold or wet enough to wear them nobody was paying attention to my feet.

They came in yesterday and fit like a glove. The angle of the pointy toe is just right; when I took them out of the box I thought they'd be toe smashers. The only bad thing is the slick soles. I'll have to rough them up on concrete or I'm going to go tail over teakettle. I like my new girly boots, though!

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