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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pollen-induced plot bunnies?

I'm feeling better, now that my meds have had time to kick in, but I'm still fuzzy-headed and spacey. I've also worked a few extra hours at The Day Job, which is great for the bottom line, but not so good for writing.

This morning, Eric was watching the History Channel. They had something to do with the Library at Alexandria and some advanced mechanical stuff that was lost. It spawned a few plot bunnies, which I will document in a few minutes for future reference. Before I start world building again (and I thought I was done with science fiction?) I need to finish Sword and Scabbard. It's coming along, but like every writing project, it takes time, and that's one thing I've had trouble managing. Sometimes the days just slip past so quickly.

Time to go make the donuts. Hopefully my notes will be more coherent than this is.



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