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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


One of the moms in our homeschool group is starting an organic gardening class, once a week, on Thursday. That's awesome, because it's something Vicky and I both want to learn (well, ok, I want to learn and she's up for if she gets science credit), and Thursdays are open.

So why the whimper? It starts THIS Thursday. I thought I had another week. It's fine, I'll work it in, but it's just another example of prioritizing. I've had to turn down coffee with friends and extra weekday work hours because if we don't get school done in the morning, it's not going to get done. I have to drag my child downstairs to start by 8:00 so she'll get into the routine of starting off early. I have to be very selective about our outside activities or they'll eat up all of our school time.

There is a fine line, my friends. We need some outside stuff. It's important not only for our mental health, but also so that someone else can teach her things. If I'm in the class with her, learning new skills, I'm setting a good example. We both form friendships. We get socialized! On the other hand, the time at home is important because, duh, it's homeschool, not chauffer time.

We started school one month ago today. So far I have stuck to the schedule like an insane woman. I have recognized the mistakes I made with Alex and am determined to make new ones with Vicky. I'm wearing down, though, and am dreaming of Christmas break. I never knew, when I was in school, that the teachers look forward to school breaks more than the students! Four weeks down, thirty-two to go...



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