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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fruits of our labor

I posted the other day that we had some projects planned for the weekend. The extra day off netted us the following:

- New end tables, nightstands and coat tree put into place
- Old end tables and nightstands moved/repurposed
- One new computer workstation purchased, assembled, and put into place with a minimum of swearing and snarling
- One folding table removed from the office
- One old workstation moved to the other side of the room (where the table used to be, when it was being used as a desk for the Dragons Roost server)
- Foyer, hallway, and one wall of the office painted (also with a minimum of swearing and snarling)
- One wireless card installed in my laptop and updates attempted (more swearing and snarling for this one, but no sweating. Is that an improvement?)
- Lengthy discussion about building storage for both sides of the fireplace and a raised plant bed for the back yard, to be done when we have forgotten what a pain yesterday was

I was more than half-way through the painting when I thought of taking before pictures. If that's not the story of my life, I don't know what is! After photos, however, will be up sometime after I finish cleaning up the debris. I don't want anyone seeing my house the way it is right now! It does look a lot better, though, clutter and debris not withstanding. Motrin will take care of the sore muscles and I'll forget the pain in no time!



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