If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had.

Monday, September 18, 2006


I had some plans for this week. There are projects to do and a short (self-imposed) time frame. So what did I do today?

- School (two hours of teaching time, max. Vicky does the rest on her own.)
- Made two appointments
- Refereed arguing cats (don't ask)
- Went back to church to listen to the guest preacher who is here until tomorrow evening and took notes for Eric, who could not be there even though he desperately wanted to be
- Wrote 564 words
- Oh, yeah, I made a pot of soup for lunch and pizza for dinner

I have got to do better tomorrow.

We did have two helicopters fly low right over our house this morning. Scared the b'jeebers out of the cats, even Chloe who's not afraid of Big Scary Noises. I think passengers could have safely jumped onto our roof, they were so low. It was cool, though. I'm glad we still live near an Air Force Base.

Maybe I can go get some more words in. Or maybe I'll just go read someone else's words and go to bed. That sounds like a plan.



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