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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This could be trouble

I found a site this morning that sells textiles for medieval through 18th century clothing. The fabrics and prints are authentic, which is important when you make costumes. I haven't gone through the whole 18th century section. I dare not. After three pages my heart was palpitating from the combination of caffeine and adrenaline. They are fabulous! Beautiful! It made me grateful that I have my credit card number memorized from years of on-line shopping.

The trouble? Besides $14.00 a yard plus tax and shipping? They're too beautiful. My Rendezvous persona is a common woman. I can get away with a couple of nice garments as long as they're not perfect. To be truly authentic, there needs to be a little wear at the hem or a loose seam because a common woman could not have afforded this gorgeous fabric; it would have been a hand-me-down from my employer or a well-meaning woman of a higher station. I also have to take into consideration the fact that a woman of a higher station would not be at a Rendezvous. The modern concept comes from what were were called, in the 18th century, squirrel hunts. Fur traders gathered when they could to trade goods and news with each other. Traditionally, the women present were either Native, wives, whores, or some combination there-of. (If you have access to the DVD series "Into The West" there is a part of, I think, the second episode that takes place at a squirrel hunt.) We make exceptions at the Rendezvous because we get a lot of school kids and families who visit.

My husband will be relieved to know that, sadly, I won't be shopping at that site much; at least not until we get out of debt and get into re-enacting in addition to Rendezvous. Then I'll be making fancy clothes for both of us!



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