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Friday, August 04, 2006

For those of you STILL patiently waiting for Book Two...

Geography is part of the reason it's not done yet. Scott and I haven't lived close enough to each other to work efficiently for, oh, about five years now. You knew that part. Another reason is that when we do connect on-line and manage to get some work time together in, we degenerate to things like this (lightly edited to remove spoilers):

SC: Maybe the real prophesy was the mortals rising up and taking back what was once theirs

EJ: Um, ok.

SC: Dragons in fantasy were always considered the dominant force that everyone feared and respected.

EJ: Oh well yeah! Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy with a gooey center

SC: Maybe long ago Dragons banded together to lead all in the belief that they should rule.

SC: Maybe that’s why the dragons of this realm stay in the mortal disguise so often

EJ: Our rationale for that was so they wouldn't scare the peasants

SC: Sure it was and maybe that’s the reason for our dragons but what about the others

SC: Why did Malitor do it or Vaytawn or Justus

EJ: sooo they don't scare the peasants

EJ: also to avoid being hunted by hysterical peasants

SC: To show their strength even when they looked weak

SC: A power trip of sorts

SC: Dragons would not worry about the hunting of the peasants

EJ: enough peasants with enough pitchforks at the right time could ruin a dragon's day

EJ: never underestimate the power of hysterical peasants with pitchforks

SC: lol

Uh huh. We call that work and wonder why the daggone book still isn't done. On the bright side, he did promise to have a Word Document in my e-mail by Sunday evening so we can chat again Monday evening. He's going to work out an alternate ending (changing his mind about the radical original ending, which was his idea, and which I've already written), which means I'll have to re-write the prophesy. I see lots of re-writing in my future, but I'm willing to do it if it makes the book better. I've done it before. Never mind that I'll be effectively re-writing two books because the current ending is also written from Sieger's viewpoint in Rogue Pawn, and if we change it, I'll be changing about a third of that book, too.

I have threatened him with bodily harm and Ing Fu if the document is not in my Inbox by Sunday evening. I'm swamped with church-related activities all weekend, so I won't get any writing in anyway. I'm content to let him do all the work for a few days. Long distance relationships suck.



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