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Friday, July 21, 2006


It appears that this coming school year might be my last for homeschooling. Vicky wants to go to high school (for now, at least). We're looking into dual enrollment for this year; she would take a couple of classes at the middle school to get her used to the atmosphere/class changing/etc., and I would handle the rest.

Curriculum has been a challenge for me. I think it is for almost every homeschooler, truth be told. Every kid has different needs, and curriculum companies try to accomodate such a wide range that I have pieces and parts that don't get used. Home made curriculum is a lot less expensive and can be tailor-made for each child, but it's time consuming. My solution for this year was to use the Language Arts that I'd gotten when Alex was in 8th grade and custom make History, which will include studies of the US and Illinois constitutions, as well as art history and culture of the time. (It's going to be pretty extensive.) I'll buy a math program, and Lord willing, the middle school will handle art and science. Last year I bought all of our curriculum, right down to the kits we needed for science experiments, and I spent almost $800.00. (Yeah! For one kid!) This year, I'll probably top out at $150, but it might be less.

Last night I went upstairs to get the 8th grade LA book and there on the next shelf was a set of books my mom bought us a few years ago. It's a set of five volumes put out by the Southwestern Company (total weight is about 25 lbs!), wherein lies the makings of a complete curriculum. We referred to them on and off in the last three or four years, but I didn't take the time to sit down and really look through them. Yes, I'm kicking myself now, and yes, Mom is going to fuss at me now that she has the web address for the blog!

I just can't tell you what a relief it is to know that I don't have to go hunting for reference books. I have timelines, socio-economic conditions, culture, important people and events broken down by period, plus an overview of our government and the US Constitution in those five books. I picked up a couple of art books last spring that will round it out.

Now I just have to get busy and put it together.



Anonymous Danny Ing said...

It is always good to find hidden treasures when you are not searching for them.

11:07 PM  

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