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Friday, August 11, 2006

hot, 50% chance of sun and showers

This apparently, is a difficult time of year to predict the weather in the Midwest. Rain has been in the forecast for most of this week. In the mornings, it looks like it wants to rain, but then it gets over it and the clouds head out of dodge. Yesterday we did get a nice shower, but it wasn't nearly long enough. Most days, when I watch the forecast on the news, I feel like Carol Kane in The Princess Bride: "Liar! Li-arrrrrr!" (I love that movie!)

Even the radar on my usual weather websites has lost accuracy. It wants to rain, but it's not raining. The radar says it's raining, but the driveway is bone dry and too hot to walk on barefoot. Liar!

I've given up watching the forecasts for the time being. It's going to be hot, probably humid, and it may or may not rain. Give up all hope and water the lawn. The weather will break. Eventually. Probably in late September.



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