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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pass, thanks

I set a new record today when I got four credit card offers in the mail. Two were identical from the same company. Lucky for me, they all had postage paid envelopes in them! I love that. I just wish I knew how the people at the other end react when they get the application back in the mail, blank, with the enclosed letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

Please remove my address from your solicitation list. You may put it back on when you stop doing loans and start doing grants. I am on the road to being debt free and have no wish to be enslaved to you.

Thank you*

When I worked for the stock broker we occasionally got our mailers back, usually with no identification, sometimes with comics enclosed to increase the postage cost. True, we had to pay the postage, but we didn't know who'd sent them, so we didn't know who to take off our list. By sending back the blank application (with my name on it) and a signed letter, there is at least a whisper of hope that I'll get off their mailing list. Then again, maybe that's why I got four of them today.

*Feel free to use this tactic if you choose. I didn't copywrite the verbage. :)


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