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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gearing up

There hasn't been much of note going on here lately. The Boys-those who are joining us this year-start converging tomorrow with the arrival of TSgt Select Danny. Chadwick will follow late Friday/early Saturday, and Paco flies in Saturday afternoon. Jack and Scott are in absentia this year.

I've been trying to get the house ready for their arrival, sewing my little fingers off, and trying to keep a migraine at bay. The migraine is making sewing and cleaning a challenge. Thank goodness for Feverfew. I have one shirt done except for hemming and button-holing, another that just needs cuffs, two more into step 3 of the pattern, and another two cut and waiting. All the extra fabric is in my closet, out of the way. I have 12 days before we leave for the Rendezvous.

On the up side, I had a day off today! No complaints about that. I'm looking forward to actual down time. Soon, Grasshopper.


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