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Sunday, July 16, 2006

back again

We rolled back into town late last night. It was a good trip, and although we had a little rain, there was nothing severe. It was, however, very hot for a couple of days. Alex took first place in a flintlock rifle match, and both kids got some archery in. I mostly loafed and tried not to melt. I thought I might come home with a 12x14 wall tent, but it was out of my price range. Way out. I did participate in a panel on 18th century women's clothing, and since I'm far from an authority, I learned more than I taught. It went far better than I expected.

Today I managed to get myself to a Dudleys Rush rehearsal. That's about it. The rest of the day has been devoted to a little light unpacking and not much else. I have about a dozen loads of laundry to do. After that I have some costume pieces to modify and research to do for other types of costumes that will still be period correct but cooler than the standard. Who knows; maybe I'll be able to come up with something that will allow me to use the Ojibwa name I got as a child. (At least, I'm pretty sure it was Ojibwa. My dad's friend was raised by that tribe. If anyone reading this is familiar with that language, the name is Miskwa Somona Sunsquaw, which I was told means Old Redheaded Woman. Please leave me a comment to corroborate either way.)


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