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Saturday, June 17, 2006


I'll be away for a few days, collecting my children, seeing my cousin's (who was the ring bearer in my wedding when he was about 5 and is now a father and in the Navy boy does that make me feel old) new baby, and sewing the shirt with gussets in step two. No, I'm not taking the extra fabric; unless Eric did something with it, it's still in the washer.

I had to work again last night. It was a wedding rehearsal dinner that I've known about for months. Here are the highlights:

- 35 people, one of which was a hyperactive little boy (about 3) who ran back and forth over our hardwood floors all night. We all knew his name by the end of the night because his mom kept calling him away from the door. (Note to anyone thinking about a doctorate in physics: if you're stuck for a doctoral theme, consider the weight/noise ratio made by kids and cats. Chloe is my smallest cat, and she's the one we can hear when she's running wind sprints upstairs. How does a 5 lb. cat sound like a herd of wildebeest? Please send me the answer when you get it.)

- The bartender helped himself to a pitcher of flavored ice tea that happened to be in the same fridge as the wine. No, he did not ask, and yes, now they'll have to make more for our customers today.

- We threw away at least half a cake (evidently chocolate cake and Bud Lite don't mix--I wouldn't know), and then the mom of the groom wanted an extra piece to take home. Personally, I'd have skipped the extra chocolate (just once) in favor of a couple three cosmos, but maybe that's for after the wedding.

- The best man showed up in denim shorts and a t-shirt.

- There were three other kids who insisted on soda when it wasn't contracted for, but of course kids can't be expected to drink water.

- Did I mention there was a little boy who ran back and forth for two solid hours?

OK, I really have to go. I wanted to be on the road now, and I'm still on the computer in my jammies. I'll update with highlights of my adventures next week.

BTW, if you're in the market for books on CD, check out BAMM.com. They have a bunch for under $10.00, free shipping when you spend over a certain amount (not sure what it is now; I think about $30.00), and shipping is more reliable than what I've gotten from Amazon lately.

Have a good weekend, and Happy Father's Day, honey!


Anonymous Danny Ing said...

Chloe has same natural lightspeed speedster ability like Yoda. But with a battle cry to say "I am Chloe!" to the entire World. If one is able to find a way to harness the great amount of kinetic energy generated by small kids and cats, then you will have no worries about the electicial bills

12:06 PM  
Blogger Valerie Comer said...

We once had a rather small, slightly built gray cat who sounded like a herd of elephants coming down the stairs. The stairs were carpted. The cat's nickname became Thunder Feet. I'm interested in the outcome of your studies as well!

5:31 PM  

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