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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toasted hard drive

It's not a computer this time, thank goodness. I was watching recordings on my DVR Sunday evening when the screen went green. Neon radioactive pea soup green. That's never a good sign. I rebooted twice before calling the satellite company. After wading through the annoying automated thingy and two customer service reps, they pronounced it dead and promised to ship me a new box. It only takes three business days!

Of course, my first reaction was, "THREE BUSINESS DAYS!!! I have to go THREE BUSINESS DAYS with no DVR???!"

I didn't say it out loud. There was nothing the guy in South Dakota could do about the shipping time, and it's not his fault I'm so spoiled with being able to pause, rewind, fast-forward through commercials, and record.

So we're roughing it this week. We're limited to DVDs downstairs and a non-DVR box upstairs until the new box comes. I did have the foresight to ask if the new box will have the capability to support an external hard drive so I don't lose all of my recordings when the new box GSODs* on me, and he told me it will, so we'll be looking into that, too. He also suggested we look into an HD converter box so we can at least get local channels when the satellite gets rained/snowed out.

I really love the DVR, but somehow I think life was simpler when we had the antenna and VCR set-up.

*Green Screen Of Death, similar to Microsoft's Blue Screen Of Death, but I think Microsoft copyrighted the blue.



Blogger Jean said...

We haven't made the leap to HD yet, but I saw it last weekend in Columbus, and the picture quality was noticeably better. I guess when it comes time to replace televisions, we, too, will make the HD leap.

I think I have a couple that are HD-capable, but my satellite boxes aren't HD -- didn't want to pay the extra, because I've never been able to get it to work before.

2:52 PM  

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