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Thursday, October 08, 2009

thanks for the help!

I started a post about half an hour ago about how I'm just now thinking about stuff for the signing this weekend that I should have thought of earlier but didn't. I hit the major details--ordering books, packing clean clothing. I didn't think about little things, like business cards. In the middle of my lament, I remembered seeing a package of printable cards that I bought sometime in the last four years.* That's half the battle, you realize: Not just to have what you need, but also to know where it is. That's so hard sometimes. Anyway, a quick browse through the business card templates in Word and half an hour later, I have a stash of business cards. I even saved the template so I can print more!

I'm starting to feel like a real business woman!

*Thank goodness I had them on hand, too. It's early enough I could have run out to get them, but it's dark and rainy and yucky outside. (Yes, okay, it's a dark and stormy night!)

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