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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wait! October?

Jeezypetes, where is the year going?

The summer was so mild that fall snuck up on me. No doubt about it, though; the leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and my cherry tomatoes have burst forth with joy. Last year I still had flowers on them when the frost came. This year I'm just going to let them go and see how long they produce. I might be pulling up tomato vines in January, but it will be good for me to get out in the sunshine.

There are other, more subtle signs of the year drawing to a close. I lingered in the shower this morning, enjoying the feeling of the hot water purging the cold from my bones. Yes, my friends, it's Red Butt Shower season. I've started sleeping with socks on, too, much to Eric's amusement. (He'll be annoyed by it in no time, never fear.) We've had the subconscious shift in diet, too, going from light fish and chicken dishes to dinners of split pea soup or roast pork. Another couple of months and I'll be getting seed catalogs for next year.

Maybe I'll make some pumpkin scones this weekend...



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