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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm nearly half-way through the final "Sword And Scabbard" typo check. I started from the back to try to catch more of the evasive little buggers and it seems to be working. I also find myself wanting to read forward again occasionally, which I think is a good sign.

Numbers from the book signing weren't as dire as I thought. When I sifted through the numbers this morning I discovered I made $25 more than I spent on the books to take with me, and I still have a few copies left. Of course, gas money is still out of pocket but I did get free room and board, and I'd have had the gas expense just going to visit anyway. Plus there's the whole 'finished Christmas shopping' thing. ;-) I love it--it's not even Halloween yet! I literally have about nine people left to buy for. Eric and the kids and I are doing 'token gifts' this year--stockings and small things under the tree, and then taking the rest of the budget and going shopping after Christmas. That will allow us to take advantage of the sales, plus it will take a ton of pressure off me--less shopping, wrapping, debating style/color/size, etc. Between that and probably only having to sing at one service this year, I'm actually looking forward to Christmas this year! I *might* even get some baking done this year!

So that's the excitement here: edits done this weekend, hopefully off to Lulu next week, and on to new things.

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