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Friday, October 16, 2009


When we were in Texas for Scott's wedding, we had dinner at Razzoo's in Fort Worth. I'm not big on cajun, but it was cold and rainy, and we were on vacation, so what the heck? Vicky and I both ordered the tchoupitoulas (chopa-2-las) and liked them so much that we talked about finding the recipe. I meant to look it up, but honestly I couldn't remember how to spell it and forgot all about it. Vicky was more innovative. Or maybe she's a child of the Internet Age. Anyway, she found the Razzoo's website, which had the menu, which gave her the correct spelling to look up the recipe. We made it for dinner last night, and while it was fairly high maintenance, we all agreed it's a keeper.

Basically, it's chicken, sausage, corned beef hash, potatoes, green onions, and mushrooms with a Bearnaise sauce. Here's a recipe for anyone interested; not the exact one we used but darn close. It's not exactly a beginner dish. It calls for clarified butter, which I had never done before, and the sauce wasn't the toss-together white sauce I usually make, but a lot of it can be done ahead of time, and I think it could maybe adapt to the crock pot. At the very least it can be assembled ahead of time and baked fairly quickly. I see us doing this a lot this winter and adapting it to make it our own.

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