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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sorry to be so tardy posting pictures. I've been under the weather with sinus issues. It seems to be an allergy, but there may be a touch of a cold involved. The allergy meds seem to be doing the most good, and my symptoms improve when I'm away from home. Those seem like good indicators to me. I've managed to do some deep cleaning to try to get the pollen or whatever it is out of the house. Right now, hardwood floors are looking mighty good.

So, about the pictures: I didn't get to take nearly as many as I wanted to. I didn't realize when I packed the new camera that the battery wasn't fully charged, and it died mid-week. If I'd had the old piece of crap pictures I could have popped in new AA batteries and taken fuzzy pictures. I think I'd rather have fewer good pictures!

I'll start you off with a couple of the sunset over our neighbors' camps. They were taken Monday night, I think, just ahead of the cold front that came through Tuesday.

I braved the cold to get some shots of the opening of the Highland games. Eric is interested in exploring a Scottish persona at some point so I thought pictures of the costumes would be in order.

I snuck a shot of the group photo. I thought the two little ones in the front, wrapped up in Dad's plaid, were adorable.

I got this one mainly for weapons reference. This is the closest I've come to a targe (the shield), and if I'd known who he was I would have tracked him down for an even closer look. As it was, it was just too cold to hang around for the end of the games. I didn't even notice his mixed plaids until I got home and looked at the pictures!

This gentleman was kind enough to pose for me when I was out shopping. It's the look I'm working toward for Eric. The only part Eric wasn't crazy about was the tricorn hat.



Blogger Jean said...

You got some nice shots. That look for Eric strikes me as grand. Surely there's another style of hat that could go with that costume, though? I think the tri-corner is fine, but if Eric doesn't like it...

Too funny on the mixed plaids.

9:29 AM  

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