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Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday and other stuff

My baby is Sweet 16 today. She'll appreciate my calling her that in front of the whole world, but she knows it could be much, much worse! It will be, too, because Grandpa is coming this weekend and his favorite hobby is picking on Vicky. He only picks on those he loves, but there's a reason his nickname is Spoon (always stirring the pot).

I think I'm all ready for Christmas except for figuring out where I put the stockings last year. They're in a safe place. Somewhere. I know they're not in the van with the 54 lbs. of stuff going to Goodwill on my way to work, so that's something at least.

The weather here has been particularly bizarre. It's starting to remind me of Michigan. On Monday schools were closed because the roads were iced over. Tuesday it thawed just enough that the icy patches had a little water on top, making them even more slippery. Wednesday the roads finally thawed and dried. Yesterday evening it rained and I almost took a header in the parking lot leaving work at 9:30 because the puddles were slushy. Today it's 50* and we have a wind advisory this morning. Of course it's trash day, so my neighbor's beer cans are blowing into my yard. Why they can't put them in bags is beyond me.

So that's pretty much it here. I need to vacuum and straighten the downstairs a little more before I go to work but I'm in better shape than I thought I was.

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Happy Birthday, Vicky!

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